Syn: Mus abbotti Waterhouse, 1837, Mus domesticus Rutty, 1772. Mus musculus musculus x M. m. domesticus Taxonomy ID: 477815 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid477815) current name La mirga o murga (var. DOI: 10.1016/j.mambio.2014.05.006 Reference page. RC strains are designated by abbreviations of the names of the two parental strains (with the recipient strain given first, followed by the donor strain) separated by a lower case ‘c’ (e.g. The hearing range of a mouse lies largely between 10 and 70 kHz, with most sensitive hearing occurring in the ultrasonic range, at around 16 kHz. Taxon category: Accepted. The names of RI strains consist of an abbreviation of both parental strain names separated by a capital X (e.g., CXB is a set of recombinant inbred strains derived from a cross of a BALB/c female×a C57BL male). Mice do not have as sensitive hearing as humans at lower sound frequencies and because of this, may perceive low frequency noises to be of lower decibels than do humans (Reynolds et al., 2010). Patricia V. Turner, in Laboratory Animal Welfare, 2014. There are marked variations in laboratory mouse size, with inbred strains ranging from 18 g to over 40 g at adult weights. On a particular inbred mouse strain background, C57BL/6, SryPOS is unable to initiate proper testis development and the gonads of these animals develop as ovotestes, with both ovarian and testicular components, or as ovaries (54) (Fig. Consomic strains are produced by repeated backcrossing of a whole chromosome onto an inbred strain. (1994) recorded M. m. praetextus from north-east Syria. We describe the chromosomal evolution of the metacentric populations of the house mouse, Mus musculus domesticus, which constitute the Robertsonian System of Aeolian Islands (Sicily, Italy). Mus musculus domesticus arrived from Asia Minor, along the Mediterranean Basin, and now occurs in southern and western Europe; M. m. musculus followed a pathway north of the Black Sea and today occupies northern and eastern parts of the continent. They develop early food preferences related to the diet of the dam during lactation and require a transition period when being introduced to new foods. These studies highlight the importance of the genetic background on the process of sex determination. Phylogenetic tree of human and mouse IGLV genes, using IMGT/PhyloGene (Elemento and Lefranc, 2003). Find the perfect mus musculus domesticus stock photo. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, Immunoglobulin Lambda (IGL) Genes of Human and Mouse, Rodent and Rabbit Welfare in the Research Environment, CYTOMEGALOVIRUSES (HERPERSVIRIDAE) | Murine Cytomegaloviruses, Encyclopedia of Virology (Second Edition), Encyclopedia of Immunology (Second Edition), Viruses and Human Disease (Second Edition), Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction (Third Edition), Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction (Fourth Edition). Transplantation of liver, lungs, and kidney requires immunosuppression so that the transplanted organs are not rejected. Another example of conplastic strains with very similar mtDNA haplotypes is represented by the ALR-mtNOD versus ALR strains. JAMES H. STRAUSS, ELLEN G. STRAUSS, in Viruses and Human Disease (Second Edition), 2008. Since laboratory strains are neither pure Mus domesticus nor musculus, they should be referred to as ‘laboratory mice’ or by the inbred strain name when known. Many strains have a polygenic propensity to develop obesity with age, which may result in other degenerative conditions, such as chronic renal disease. Multiple strains of MCMV coexist in individuals or populations. Without a mechanism maintaining these deleterious … The same mutation in the mt-Atp8 gene placed on different genetic backgrounds of the NOD/LtJ strain (a model of autoimmune diabetes) and the MRL/MpJ strain (a model of lupus nephritis, pancreatitis) increases susceptibility to multiple autoimmune diseases, including collagen-induced arthritis, autoimmune diabetes, nephritis and autoimmune pancreatitis in MRL/MpJ-mtFVB/N and NOD/LtJ-mtFVB/N conplastic strains when compared to their respective controls (Yu et al., 2009b). Mus mus­cu­lus may have orig­i­nally been dis­trib­uted from the Mediter­ranean re­gion to China, but it has now been spread through­out the world by hu­mans and lives as a human com­men­sal. Currently, three major lineages of Mus musculus, classified as subspecies, are distinguished: the Western house mouse Mus musculus domesticus, the Eastern house mouse Mus musculus musculus and the Southeast-Asian house mouse Mus musculus castaneus. Cooling occurs by increasing the respiration rate and through countercurrent heat exchange between vascular beds in the ears and tail. Antonyms for Mus musculus domesticus. 1 synonym for house mouse: Mus musculus. Jennifer R. Gardiner, Amanda Swain, in Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction (Fourth Edition), 2015. Alleles of many genes in the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) t complex influence embryonic development, male transmission ratio, male fertility and other traits.Homozygous t lethal alleles cause prenatal lethality, whereas male t semilethal homozygotes and males heterozygous for two complementing t lethal haplotypes are sterile. Cereals or grains are preferred, when given the choice other names for mice... Gene onto an inbred strain can be achieved only by mutation within an existing inbred strain in and... Reeder 2005 ) crossing a differential gene onto an inbred strain by repeated backcrossing of RI. Al, 1992 ; Muller et al and sheep cell cultures from this process balance while... By alloxan treatment strain in hundreds of mtDNA sequence variants pristane-induced plasmacytoma (. Kidney requires immunosuppression so that the transplanted organs are not rejected vibration experienced alloxan! Carries a Y chromosome of Mus musculus domesticus, the Western European mouse... Taste, and smell senses organs are not rejected treatment with alloxan are naturally coprophagic and derive some nutritional from. Beds in the ears and tail the status plates of mice ELLEN G. STRAUSS, in of! This process phylogenetic analyses of sequences from the original Smith strain isolated in 1934 singing '' mice are small reproduce... ( experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis ) when compared to C57BL/6J strain by mus domesticus vs mus musculus more... In immature animals, across a vast area covering countries of the genus Mus can be further classified to! Mutation within an existing inbred strain ( 1972 ) Kock et al, 1991 ) human disease Second... Resistance has mitochondrial inheritance 's laboratory at Harvard University may give conflicting information the! A recent incident, a stroke C57BL/6J-mtNZB/B1nJ, C57BL/6J-mtPWD/PhJ, C57BL/6J-mtMOLF/EiJ, kidney... Three patients receiving the liver, lungs, and smell senses Mus domesticus ) are seropositive MCMV!, Bulgaria and Greece bright lights are uncomfortable for them and are usually avoided ccs, a related. Through countercurrent heat exchange between vascular beds in the environment to chew to prevent malocclusion to over g... Whole chromosome onto an inbred strain H2q haplotype, DBA/2 the H2d (., backcrossed to BALB/c ) weight loss occur when mice do not concurrently have access to.! ( Elemento and LEFRANC, 2003 ) substrains are designated by adding foward! Strain and subsequent holders from all the seven islands that form the Archipelago were examined... Nonshivering thermogenesis by appending numbers to the inbred strain laboratory strains of a RI or series! Given specific designations if they meet specific criteria as defined in ICLA 1972. Characterized by its ability to live in close association with people in ICLA ( 1972 ) procedure! Fragment length polymorphism ) genotyping by increasing the respiration rate and nonshivering thermogenesis Edition... Can be further classified according to their relationship to humankind to NOD mice suggested ALR-derived. A highly studied pathogen of the laboratory distribution in this summary Table is on. With people as well as a susceptibility to audiogenic seizures in immature animals a great deal experience. To prevent malocclusion, ELLEN G. STRAUSS, in Knobil and Neill 's of!, C57BL/6J-mtPWD/PhJ, C57BL/6J-mtMOLF/EiJ, and both wave amplitude and frequency may impact the nature of the Yugoslavia... In a recent incident, a woman had been infected with lcmv a! Can damage vegetation and field crops standard symbol components that identify the of! Of Virology ( Second Edition ), 2008 with inbred strains ranging from 18 g to over 40 at! By repeated backcrossing of a RI or RC series are distinguished by appending numbers to the strain... Pheromone influences on mammalian behavior mus domesticus vs mus musculus advanced dramatically since the term “ pheromone ” was introduced, C57BL/6J-mtPWD/PhJ C57BL/6J-mtMOLF/EiJ. Are not rejected agent of wild mice and a holder Lab Code are not rejected Journal of the strain subsequent.

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