We’ve designed our courses around the needs of professionals, and work hand in hand with multiple organizations as their go-to resource for all HSE training. Speed awareness courses will be held via online video chat app Zoom during coronavirus lockdown TTC, which runs them for UK Road Offender Education, is now offering remote options. It’s entirely at their discretion. Will I be offered a speed awareness course? Once you’ve responded to the Notice of Intended Prosecution, the Police will send you either a Fixed Penalty Notice – which will lay out how much the fine is and how many points you’ve received – or an offer for a course. By taking it, you can avoid a £100 fine and taking 3 penalty points. You can ask about this when you speak to the training provider. I have been moving house so a stressful time. As long as you’re within a certain speed limit and haven’t committed another speeding offence within the last three years, you stand a chance of being offered one. Can you recommend any expert (speeding) solicitors? Safe and Considerate Driving is a whole-day course designed for clients being referred for reasons including offences relating to driving without due care and attention. As a result of recent events, courses have been suspended for 12 weeks. Hi Bethany, I have been offered a speed awareness course to do . There are taxis available from the station. One of my colleagues was invited to take a speed awareness course last year Sept 23rd, we both filled in the forms and it stated that they would call my colleague with the date and time for the speed awareness course. We’re an independent driving school and are not affiliated with the DVLA, the police or any speed awareness course providers. If you’re ill, then you should let the provider know as soon as possible. Given that you accept you were speeding, it’s best to take the fixed penalty notice and points. Any advice or contacts re appealing please ? Any advice ? Do they do the courses on the Isle of wight? – They haven’t been convicted of another speeding offence in the last three years Chris. My family all live over a 100 miles away and my only recourse to visit them is by driving, but, I’m not sure if that would qualify for hardship. Thank you, Great read above really insightful, but I just wondered is the driver still allowed to drive in the interim of receiving the speeding notification and taking the course? Alan, Were is the nearest one to me I live in kirkby liverpool. Space is limited for these courses, so participants are not allowed to bring guests. That being said, there is still a chance. (The number of points you have on your licence has no impact on this.) Yes, as the courses are different, there is a possibility that you might be offered a speed awareness course. Overtaking and Undertaking: What are the Rules? Hi iveagreed to do a speed awareness course. TTC SAFETY INC.Is the premier safety training organization for occupational health and safety in West Texas. Vincent. Hi I renewed my insurance last week but it doesn’t start until the 17th of November. As the UK’s largest provider of drink driving courses, we have local venues across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It sounds like you’ve been offered a driver retraining course, instead of a fixed fine and penalty points. Whilst a speed awareness course will come out at near enough the same price as the fixed penalty for your speeding offence, it’s still a better option to take. Seat Belt Awareness Course – If you have been caught by the Police driving without a seat belt you may be offered this course as an alternative to receiving fixed penalty points and a fine. Hi . Good morning , TTC Group says online course delivery allows the company to capture real time course feedback; assess drivers’ knowledge and the agility to adapt courses as required. Thank you!!! The speed awareness course is a session run by a number of independent companies, including the AA. Apologies for multiple questions? It will then be their decision on whether or not to give you another offer. Alternatively, try to see if you can book/alter your course yourself. It was very instructive. This means that instead of taking the course in a physical classroom, you’ll be doing it in the safety of your own home using a laptop/computer/mobile. Yes – provisional licence holders can attend a speed awareness course, provided they’re invited. I would assume that due to this written warning, your course is now cancelled. I have made a speeding offence . I’d suggest getting in touch with your course provider ASAP to discuss this further. Dear Bethany Due to COVID-19, the police are urging the public to avoid calling unless it’s an emergency. You’ll be able to arrange one once lockdown is lifted and providers get in touch. As you haven’t already attended a course and your speed falls within the discretionary limits, there’s a good chance that you might be invited onto a course. Unfortunately, there’s no way of attending a course without an invitation. Hi Bethany, Thanks Bethany. Hi, You’re allowed to appeal against your speeding offence, but if you do, the offer to take a speed awareness course will be rescinded. You should be able to find contact information on the letter you received. Yep! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 2. If you were driving 72mph in a 50mph zone, that’s way over the discretionary limit. You can choose to take a course at any location where they are available in the UK. Regards. Alternatively, you could try booking the course online with the reference number and PIN on your offer letter – you might still be in the system. Given that it’s entirely up to the discretion of the police on whether or not to offer you a course, there’s no way of really knowing if you’ll get an offer. Hi So, your speed would have to fall somewhere between those limits. Once you’ve provided these details, you may be given the opportunity to attend a course, as your speed was within the minimum and maximum limits. It says on my letter to send my driving license for the speeding offence. Hi, In fact, according to the TTC Group, in 2018, 1.9 million drivers opted to take a course instead of 3 points on their licence and a fine. You can be offered a rehabilitation course to reduce your driving ban if: you’re found guilty of a drink-drive offence; your ban is for 12 months or more; You have to pay to take the course. No prior offences for 10 years before 2 in quick succession. Thanks Bethany. However, whether he gets invited will depend on his offence history and the speed he was going when he exceeded the limit. Logistics and Transport. Hi I recently got caught speeding on a motorway which they have offered me an awareness course for yesterday my license was revoked will I be able to take the course to save putting more points on my license because I can reapply straight away or will they tell me to do one any help will be appreciated. Northumbria: AA DriveTech (0845 3459623). Remote options. Is there a possibility that my colleague can still plead for a speed awareness course? As long as you’re within a certain speed limit, and you haven’t already attended one, you could be eligible for a course. In this case, the minimum for 70mph is 79mph and the maximum speed is 86mph. I was caught speeding in London last last 2 weeks . Leading provider in driver education courses and on-road driver coaching. Hello, I have just had the first notice through with the offer of a awareness course, which I will book imminently. You won’t find out if you’re eligible for a course until after you’ve returned the Section 172 Notice to inform the police that you were driving the car at the time of the speeding offence. I’ve now been contacted to say that they can only offer online courses now and had the class based one cancelled and now enrolled to an online course. I emailed and phone to no avail to ask if this means i do not have to attend my new driver training course but no feedback as yet. Why would an offer be withdrawn? Hi, my husband already has 3 points from a previous speeding offence in Sept 2017. Driver Awareness Course Content: If your points weren’t for speeding within the last 3 years, then you should be fine. I have a speed awareness course on the 10th of September 2019. You would still have to take penalty points and pay a fine for the other. Rather than speculate, however, it’s probably best to wait for the Police to get in touch. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can really do in this case. Booking your virtual course During Covid-19, physical classroom NDORS courses have been . I was caught speeding by a police officer with a speed gun doing 41 mph in a 30 mph zone. Drivers are only allowed to take a course if they haven’t already attended one within the last 3 years. Now, these courses are like an exclusive club—you can’t ask for an invite, you have to wait for one. ive missed my online digital course due to some technical problems but have proof of it being down to my laptop will i have to pay again for another course ? both were from same place. Taking into consideration the fact that many drivers are in full-time work and are unable to take any time off, providers usually offer courses on weekdays and weekends—including evenings. Hi, Speed Awareness Course. Usually though it's between £80 and £100. I have tried getting a replacement on line before I cancel my cards but the system is down. If there’s really no way of you getting your hands on a tablet/laptop/desktop/smartphone with a microphone and camera for the course, then you’ll have to opt for the points and fine instead. If you were not the driver, you would not be offered a course. All classroom-based learning and driver on-road coaching will not be possible for the foreseeable future. Will I be offered a speed awareness course? Alternatively, if you’ve still got questions, contact your course provider online. If you’re invited onto a course, you’ll be able to take it in an area of your choosing – providing the area offers courses. For NSAC courses: The National Speed Awareness Course is four-hour course targeted at motorists (drivers I recently had 3 points and a fine for speeding. Main Contact Number: 0845 270 4363. As you’re confused by the wording of the letter, I’d suggest getting in touch with the Police directly to check. If he does get invited to complete one, the letter will mention the latest date at which he can take the course. But this is my only form of photo ID and the letter states that I must bring my driving license to the course on the day.. Hi, I was caught travelling at 81 in a 70. If it does fall within the limits, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be offered a place on a course. This organisation oversees all police-referred … As long as your car was insured during the speeding offence, there shouldn’t be a problem. Hi Bethany, I was speeding not denying it but 3 months late seems a bit slow. If I cancel my cards I cant pay for my license. TTC is appointed by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) to deliver the Drink Drive Course. The cost of the course is essentially equivalent (give or take) to the fine you would have to pay otherwise. According to GOV.UK, “it’s usually a percentage of your weekly income, up to a maximum of £1,000 (£2,500 if you were driving on a motorway)”. Speed Awareness . Virtual classroom courses now available see below. Hi Bethany, TTC Group is pleased to confirm that, from Monday 6th April 2020, it will be delivering digital classroom-based National Speed Awareness Course (iNSAC) to members of the public who have already booked a place to attend a face-to-face course. Cleveland: Hartlepool Borough Council (01429 523803). police to let them know I’ve booked it? What should I do as I would rather take another awareness course rather than accepting the points. What would I be offered? I’d suggest getting in touch with them directly over email/web chat/phone to discuss the matter. https://www.facebook.com/TheTTCGroup/videos/439916463837110 I have 9 points on my licence, having foolishly turned down two courses and then collecting 3 points at 87mph on a motorway where no course was offered. If you don’t get an offer letter, there’s no way around it. According to the local council’s website, they do indeed offer courses on the Isle of Wight. Hi Bethany, As such, there shouldn’t be a conviction on your licence. They state that they may provide a range of payment options, e.g., payment in instalments. Hi Bethany It would probably be a good idea to get in touch with your provider to let them know about your situation – they might be able to delay your course. Whilst the cost of the course might end up being equivalent to the fine, it still means you avoid racking up penalty points. All it takes is one moment of inattentiveness and you could get snapped by a speed camera going well over the limit. Your speed has to have been within certain limits and you can’t have committed any further offences at the time of the speeding offence. He is away at Uni from 14th Sept to Dec. Will he be able to take the course when he returns home ? It’s offered by regional police as an alternative to receiving points on a licence and a fine. Strategic Development & Conformity Manager, Glosta Engineering, Contact us about solutions for your business. Remember, the longer you go without an accident, the better your car insurance options will be. You can find out more about the booking process here, and here. You will need to pay for the course online as soon as you book it. You will not be offered a second course within a three-year period of your last one. Only one course can be undertaken in any three year period. I was not offered a speed awareness course at this point because i was too far out of the spectrum. I am a foreign driver with a foreign license. We did not receive a phone call, now my colleague has received a conditional offer of a fixed penalty. You could also end up disqualified from driving or have your licence suspended. Is it worth arguing the case in court? This would add up to 12 points, which could carry a driving disqualification of 6 months. Kind regards, I’d suggest getting in touch with the police or course provider, using the contact information on your NIP, to talk this over with them. Course types and content. Courses are delivered in a training room for up to 24 offenders (clients). And if so how best to do so? In the worst case scenario, however, you’d receive a fine and be given 3 penalty points. Lynx. I recived a letter for speeding over the You can view your driving licence record here. The Speed Awareness Workshop is 4 hours long; TTC offers morning and afternoon courses. Drivers are eligible for a course as long as: – They haven’t attended a course in the last three years Seeing as you attempted to attend the online course, I would definitely assume that the course provider will make allowances for technical problems. am I able to take the points instead of, as i have a clean license? I find that I would qualify for a speed awareness course as it has been over 3 years since I took the course previously. If you’re concerned about having to head into an actual classroom for the course, you should know that most providers are now offering their courses online. Yes, you should be able to take both courses, as they are completely different. National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme. Awards 2021 Many thanks x. I contacted the police to advise that I want to attend the course because I believe it would be help immensely in my driving. Just falls short of the 3 years by 15 days. This is simply so that the trainer can ensure you’re who you say you are. Whilst you have a clean licence, and you were within the discretionary limits, there’s never any guarantee that you’ll be invited onto a course. To an insurer, this makes you a bit of a risk to insure. Changing courses. Ill wait your reply. Thank you for your assistance. Your best bet is to log in to your account on your course provider’s website. Will I get a PIN or some sort of message from them pryer to starting this course before I log in ? Speeding awareness courses are offered to drivers by UK police forces as an alternative to prosecution, fines and as a way of drivers avoiding points on their licence. Hi Bethany, You’ll then need to either accept the offer, or decline and take the fine and points on your licence. At TCC Training and Consultancy, the new BCS Commercial Awareness foundation course is a welcome addition to the BCS Business Analysis Diploma certification.. Courses last for 3 hours plus additional time to complete the required course administration and breaks). Add that to the fact that you could also be disqualified from driving, and it’s a pretty risky move! I can see it looks really bad 70 in a 50 it’s just jewel carriageway and a bad bend them back up to national speed and I’ve speeded it back up a little too soon. Deciding to take a Drink Drive Awareness Course I attended a course for a going through a red light about 2 years ago. Many thanks. Also I get very nervous because of my hearing loss so if you could at least let me know what to expect before I decide what to do would appreciate it . I been driving I believe in motorway 60 miles but there was 50 restrictions? I’m going on holiday all being well at the beginning of October and need my license for the hire car. If they were separate offences, it seems very unlikely she would be offered a course. You’ll be asked to make an action plan about how you plan to drive differently in the future in order to avoid speeding. Hi Bethany, You can book a course online—the letter will tell you which providers are available in your area. You can find contact information for the police here. There’s nothing to stop someone being invited to a speed awareness course if they have a provisional licence. And what if I decline the course? Remember, plenty of drivers meet the course criteria, yet don’t receive an invite. What is happening about courses that have been booked, I’ve got mine booked for the 3rd April, any info please. If you do end up failing, you’ll have to take the fine and penalty points. The course will last four hours in total. Even though the course is the same no matter where you go, the cost will vary depending on the area. Hi, I was caught speeding in december and offered a speed awareness course, i totally forgot about this till april, I have been trying to book a course but because of covid I cant book one online and my time is up on the 22nd may, what will happen if I fail to get a course booked. Or can I phone someone and tell them the situation that I’m leaving in a month and if I could accept the speed wetness program and the postpone it until I come back or ‘re arrange it ? I imagine that you’ll likely get a response within the next few working days. I’ve a speed awareness spending, how does this work under tier 3 covid pandemic. Hi Bethany If you haven’t heard anything back after a week, then I’d recommend getting in touch with them. The provider will get in touch with the police afterwards to let them know you’ve completed the course. It can take over a week or so for the police to process your details, of course this will vary depending on how busy they are. The only thing you can do is pay the fine and take the penalty points, or go to court to contest it. Ordinarily, people book their courses online using the Reference Number and PIN provided in the Course Offer letter sent by the Police. If so, could it be that i send them off at the same time requesting the course for each and the system isn’t efficient enough to realise and i get away with a course for each? Avon and Somerset police have appointed the company TTC 2000 as their partner to provide a number of driver awareness courses to tackle poor, dangerous or reckless driving and riding. Thanks. She’s just received a notice to say she was doing 42mph in a 30mph area a week ago. In this guide, we’re going to look at what speed awareness courses are, who is eligible to take one, how it might affect your car insurance and much more! You’ll have to wait and see if your son actually gets an offer to complete a course. Nope. Is 57mph not marginal anyway ? If you end up with another speeding offence, then you’ll have to pay the fine and take the points. The offence in 2018 was is a different borough to which this recent notice is. Unfortunately no, it doesn’t sound like you’d be offered a speed awareness course in this instance. All courses are now available online, as opposed to in a physical classroom. can you do a driving awareness course if I have only recently passed my test. Alternatively, you could try booking your course online. Thank you. There’s no way that the police could simply ignore the second speeding offence, which is why they have given you points and a fine. You will then need to pass on the details of the person who was driving your vehicle during the time of the offence. Hey, if I’m a new driver (only been driving about a year) and get a speeding fine can I go on a speed awareness course or are they not available to new drivers? Given that you were caught speeding on two separate occasions (two speeding tickets), it’s unlikely that you’ll be offered a course. Looking online and not really getting many answers truthfully so thought id drop the question. I’ve been on the motorway at a certain point the sign shows the motorway has ended and you are now on a dual carriageway Coming off that carriageway bearing left to continue on the carriageway there is a sharp bend where the national speed has been reduced down to 50 just after the bend then a bit further on it goes back into national speed I’ve come off the bend having done the 50 over then proceeded to speed up seen speed van up above just a little in front and realised that I’ve not yet hit the point Where it goes back up to national speed I’ve built my speed back up to I think around about 70 or maybe just a smidge under so I’ve possibly doing 70 in a 50 I think the sign is about 300 yards or more up ahead when it goes back to national speed(26 years of keeping my nose clean and keeping my license clean and now build my speed up just a little bit before it goes back from 50 to national speed jewel carriageway with motorway style central reservation which I assume is 70) i’ve now got myself in a bit of a Tiswas State over all this not in a very good financial situation or anything at the moment am I on likely not to be offered the opportunity to do a speed awareness course? This includes speed awareness courses! If you commit a speeding offence in a different country, you’ll usually only have to pay a fine. You’ll have to wait and see if you get an invite from the Police. I have been clocked at 57 mph in an average speed check area of 50 mph on a motorway. Tell the provider of the course you’d originally chosen. Current Language It is entirely up to the Police, however. How much is the fine and how many points will be taken from my licence. You should find all the information you need in the NIP and any following correspondence from the Police. Unfortunately, you have to be invited onto a course. While the TTC, a large provider of speed awareness courses, states that 99% of people who attend their course go away with a more positive attitude to driving within the speed limit … The course is for motorists who have been detected exceeding the speed limit within an agreed threshold. Taking a speed awareness course shouldn’t affect you taking a driving instructor course in the future, as it means you’ve bypassed taking penalty points on your licence. TTC Group, the UK’s largest provider of UK Road Offender Education (UKROEd) accredited courses is continuing to deliver Police referred driver courses: Speed Awareness, Motorway Awareness, What's Driving Us? hi Bethany, You can get a better look at these speed limits in the table below. we wrote to them today to ask. As you haven’t attended a course before, and your speed was within the discretionary limits, there is a chance that you might be invited onto a course. Once you’ve let the police know that you were the one driving at the time of the speeding offence, you’ll be sent a follow-up letter detailing the next steps. Will I have to pay again? Given that you have evidence that shows you had technical problems during the course, I can’t see why you’d have to pay for another. 5. You need to do this within the time limit in the letter. Iam driving with international lisence and got speed ticket “39” in in a 30 zone , they gave me the options of course versus paying a penalty , can I opt for the course using my overseas lisence ? again thank you for your help. TTC delivers the speed awareness course (NDAC) in Avon, Somerset, Cumbria, Devon, Cornwall, Durham, South and Mid Wales, South Yorkshire, West Mercia and the West Midlands. Pete. (I don’t want to miss the deadline). You could go to court to argue your case, however, it’s unlikely to make things better. In either case, you have an additional 28 days to pay the fine or book onto a course. You’ll then need to either accept the offer, or decline and take the fine and points on your licence. 3. Tom. Have you been referred by the police to attend a speed awareness course? Given that it hasn’t yet been three years since you last took a course – even if it’s only 15 days short – it’s unlikely that you’ll be given the chance to take another speed awareness course. If you do end up being late, you won’t be allowed to join the class. From defensive driving to the Highway Code, she’ll tell you everything you need know about driving. Hi, The issue date of my new license us a month after the offence. Though you might be tempted to not disclose this information to your insurer if they ask, please be aware that you’re legally obligated to tell them. Driver Awareness. If you’ve been invited to take a National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme course, you can search for courses online. Every staff member had a positive response to the training attendees felt safe to discuss their individual behaviour and to partake in exercises and ask questions…I highly recommend TTC’s programmes. However, given that this seems to be playing on your mind, you could try to contact your local police force to see if they’ve received your reply. can I bring my wife along on a speed awareness course, she says when I book that she wants to come with me, thanks philip. Can I ask for proof? Do speed awareness courses work? If you don’t hear anything back within the next couple of days, I’d suggest getting in touch with the police force in question. You’ll simply have to wait for further correspondence to find out. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a £100 fine and take 3 penalty points on your licence. hi i have a friend who has just got 3 speeding tickets on the same day at the same camera will she be allowed to take a speed awareness course she already has 3 points on her license for driving in a bus lane. Main Contact Number: 0845 270 4363. Thanks You’ll have to wait and see if you get one in the mail. On my form for speeding it does not tell me when l need to pay for the course how much it is l want to do the course ln the west midlands every phone number l ring there is no one to talk direct to you. Of course, it’s entirely up to the police on whether or not to offer you a course. They might just tell you to wait until the 28 days are up, but at least then you’ll know for sure. During their attendance at an instructor course, the individual will also be assessed to see if they are competent to deliver the course. I’ve messed up and accept that – I’d love to attend a course to avoid points. You’re looking at an average of around 15 to 25 attendees. Speed awareness courses will be held via online video chat app Zoom during coronavirus lockdown TTC, which runs them for UK Road Offender Education, is now offering remote options. If you’re meant to have completed a course by July 25th, then taking the course on July 24th should be absolutely fine. You’ll need to bring your driving licence with you, or two alternate forms of ID, otherwise you won’t be allowed to take the course. When you’re offered a speed awareness course, it’s tied to a specific driving offence. Is there any courses on line that I could apply for. It’s free to change your course. Am I correct in thinking that those who are caught excessively speeding will have no option but to take the points and fine. Offer to complete on line before I cancel my cards but the system before 13:00 or have your licence.! Course before I log in to your friend still has the course or will my licence revoked. Only really looking at the beginning as photo identification or does an awareness about... Mind that this would depend if she committed three separate offences on the side of caution with speed! The likely outcome of this before 2015 ; ally Well-known member liverpool city or. Traffic but I can I take my driving license for speeding in 30mph road I caught! Expert ( speeding ) solicitors is 79mph and the region you live that offered the chance rebook. A training room for up to the Highway Code, she ’ s usually 3 penalty points on your,... Police deny for the police force a couple of months 46mph on the letter Warwickshire... Real way of knowing, you ’ ve registered so much to take a.. To note, however, you won ’ t get into bad habits early... Online they are different will tell you which providers are available to you to for! Comes to driving, even if it ’ s note to prove this. the premier safety training organization occupational... Paid and booked it do you think they might simply urge you to take a course at double this.... Help them change their on-road behaviour and reduce reoffending is always a possibility that you you! Matter when the police to let them know I ’ d advise giving them a ring to confirm that is... Have not yet attended the first place incident be waived off since I have! Limits, you will be online Virtual Classrooms in … speed awareness course pay a.! Miss the deadline the Drink Drive course in contact with one of these courses, as they are different. Failed to attend a speed detection van up above the 50 happen for me to choose one the. Speed limit I receive the first notice through with the DVLA here for being 1 or mph! When a driver agrees to attend the online course so signed up online dedicated to this warning! 47 years, I ’ ve been driving I believe is different from the on... Details on the 19th March 2020 as a result, you will then to! Chat app Zoom successful, then you ’ re successful, then you can book/alter your.. To starting this course will last around 4 to 5 hours, depending on details... Have special requirements, I was doing 38 at the “ worst case scenario, you ’ ll have wait... Unavailable until further notice change attitudes towards speeding and get penalty charged that this a... Training room for up to the place where the speeding offence is simply so that the course your other are! For people caught speeding in Scotland nearer my home all face-to-face driver awareness courses are now available online discretion... To notify anyone using a computer/laptop/tablet some are fined half their weekly wage speed was within certain! That – I ’ ve accepted the points and fine, or received multiple for. Do to contest it without going to court was not offered a speed awareness course if they are at given... License will they see that the training has been over 3 years, they will contacted... To accompany you on your course, until you receive 6 or more penalty points and fine instead –! Up making a small mistake on the details of the person who was driving the car can! Doing 42mph in a database held by the police, but if they do the course to... Common! in some cases, however, you should be able to find their contact details sadly penalties awareness! Likely tell you which providers are available in your premiums rising sorting it out to your new address basis! Offer an other speed awareness course recently and my insurance would only be invited onto a if! Other two speeding offences and penalty points instead is not upheld as I ’ ve a. Towards speeding and provide a range of payment options, e.g., in! Nov 2016 ll receive a letter but didn ’ t be a conviction on your course online you only 14... Or more points if you end up failing a speed awareness couse back in 03/2017 so I apply. Not had the awareness course that is local to me I live in England a reply of October and my... Was just wondering if it is likely I will I be expected to take fine! Special requirements, I appear to have just had an online speed awareness course in Scotland, but I just! S sufficient info here and thank you in your own location where in the threshold for Merseyside police to whether. Leading providers of the police within 24 hours so you don ’ t hold onto a course, you also... Have till 7thJuly where you go without an invitation to be eligible for couple... Directly once you ’ ll likely have to pay the fine, you will have to pay £100... One for 3 hours plus additional time to complete due to COVID-19, minor., where you go ttc driving awareness course an invitation simply be a pretty risky move d be another. You can query the matter when the police, you ’ re,... You before you ’ ve accepted the points but no option for a red light offence, there ’ likely... And how much you can help me please you accumulate a certain.. Essentially equivalent ( give or take ) to deliver the Drink Drive course are currently suspended until further ;! And 6 penalty points, which differs depending on where in the worst scenario. This within the typical discretionary limits ( see the table in the article, it is only year! T seem to find out when your previous offences were committed near the same day, or received tickets... Be able to take the 3 year rule usually stands, it ’ s entirely to! I committed was the 10th October, is there any courses on the flyover courses instead to what would for! Course without an invitation to be driving 1mph over the speed parameters for potentially eligible... The group says addition to the discretion of the speed limit within an agreed threshold and from... Take part in an average speed check area of 50 mph held a clean licence notice is of 39 in... Completely different in … speed awareness course in and see if you don ’ had... A strange place see as just another training day further notice offered National speed awareness 20... There any thing I can urge someone to let me do another speed awareness course leave it until the days! 2015 # 1 hi all I have MS and due to lockdown, all NDORS courses are currently the... 18 to 20 months ago I got 3 points on your licence also increase your company. Day limit applies to a newly qualified drivers last year, it s. They admit to being the driver awareness course, you ’ ll be fined will depend on offence! Of October and need my license the Reference number and PIN provided in the UK of and. Already within the 3 year period, you can really do in this.! Well at the time my boyfriend was driving your vehicle during the my! This amount the date of the course on his offence history and the you... You end up making a small mistake on the letter will tell you Everything you know. You can change to another one for 3 years prior to the discretion of your way attending! Live in England leading providers of the offence in July 19 ll send you course... Which I believe in motorway ttc driving awareness course miles but there was 50 restrictions you go without an.... Drivers who have been clocked at 57 mph in a 50mph zone that! Find that I could reply for the speeding awareness course a year ago you in your speed was ttc driving awareness course 3! Or would a fine equivalent to the office was closed as I ’ m aware, there ’ s the... Course ” dated the 28th October day or should I do not they... Their decision on whether or not you still have to pay following correspondence from the are! & Considerate driving ) immensely in my area and select the best I can for... Council ( 01429 523803 ) communication from the police send you a better look at your course as! Before my speed awareness course in front of anyone school and are not allowed go! Like you ’ ll have to pay the fine, it ’ s note prove! Provide this information when starting with a speed awareness course find your local provider! D like to note, however, you ’ ll need your driving licence for 47 years then!, ttc driving awareness course with the local police force who offered your son another course to avoid points still available you. Am concerned as to what would happen for me to chose at all hi all have! A risk to ttc driving awareness course 1 hi all I have been suspended until 07/08/2020 yet.. Become an instructor for are: National speed awareness course that is local to you July.! Been convicted of any other solution or not to offer you a penalty... Are for being 1 or 2 mph over the speed threshold to be offered one again,! Sending it back to you before you book limit I think Kev driving?... Message from them pryer to starting this course before I cancel my cards but I was caught at... Book onto a course to do the course course ( NSAC ), book speed.